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16-year-old boy died in a gun dump!


16-year-old Muslom Korsun, who was joking with his three friends with a pistol in a house in Esenyurt, lost his life with a bullet in the heart. It was decided that his friends would carry Korchon outside to look like he had been shot in the street.

Müslüm Kurşun, Friends Ramazan A., Divan Ç. and Merdan C. He started joking with the gun in the house. Meanwhile, the bullet that came out of the firing rifle suddenly hit Korshon’s heart.

They take their injured friends to the street

3 people panicked and took their injured friends from the apartment. Residents of the neighborhood reported the shooting and screaming to the police and medical teams. The injured Muslom Korsun was taken to hospital after the first intervention.


While the bullet died in the hospital where it was taken, three of his friends at the scene were taken to the police station for their statements. The police, who began work on the scene, found the unlicensed pistol shot from Korshon in the house in the basement. During a banter, the three detained young men admitted that the gun went off while Devan J. Merdan c. And Ramadan A. Devan J. was released. arrested.

They said the baby comes from above.

It happened during the night. We were sleeping. Someone shouted ‘ambulance’. And when we went downstairs, the boy was lying here. They said the boy came from above. We didn’t understand how he came to the street on any case, and he had friends sitting on the floor.”

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