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Another “blind spot” disaster! This is how he walked to death on foot in Bursa


In Bursa, market trader Bayram Demar (59 years old) died at the scene of the accident, while crossing the road, under the suddenly moving TIR.

The catastrophic accident occurred at about 15.30 in the Genaruno district of Yildirim district. TIR stopped under the supervision of Ersin B., who was walking from Çınarönü Street in the direction of the nearby ring road, when the vehicles in front of him slowed down.

He wanted to cross the TIR . front

Bayram Demir, who was said to be selling figs in the district market, wanted to cross the road from the sight-restricted area called the “blind spot” in front of TIR. Given that the road had been cleared by advancing vehicles, the TIR led by Ersin B. was devastated.


Relatives survived nervous crises

While the ship remained under the vehicle, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene of the accident on notice. Under the control of the health team, the death of Bayram Damar was decided. Relatives of Bayram Demir, who received news of the situation and came to the scene of the accident, had a nervous breakdown.

The moment the accident happened on camera

After the accident, the police arrested truck driver Ersin B. The moment of the accident was reflected in MOBESE cameras. In the photos, it was noted that the TIR driver stopped the car due to heavy traffic, and at the same time, Bayram Damar was caught under the TIR traffic that he wanted to pass in front of.

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