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Instagram announced for Turkey


The “Instagram Family Center” feature, which was launched by the social network Instagram in the US in the past months, has also been used in Turkey.

With the Family Center feature, parents will have the opportunity to create new control mechanisms for their children and train to control social media. For parents to use the Family Center feature, it is enough to send a consent invitation to their children.

Complaints will be reported

If the invitation is accepted, parents will be able to set specific times when they want to limit their children’s daily and weekly Instagram usage.

New moderation features will also allow parents to get detailed information about who is being reported and what type of complaint they are making when their child reports a post or account.

We will give advice to parents

Parents will also be able to take advantage of educational articles within the Instagram Family Center feature.

Published by organizations such as ParentZone, Media Smarts, the National Association for Media Literacy Education, and the Cyberbullying Research Center, these articles will provide advice for parents on how to talk to their teens about online safety issues.

Focus on direction from control CEO Larry Magid said parental control adoption of children’s consent fosters a collaborative, not coercive, relationship between child and parent, and is more about guiding children to make the right decisions rather than controlling them.

According to Majid, the tools will give parents insight into how their kids use Instagram without managing a teen’s every move or flooding parents with an excessive amount of information.

Feature “Nudes” for young people

Under the Meta umbrella, Instagram has also launched a new feature called “Nudges” for younger users who consume the same type of content over and over on the Explore page.

With this feature, when Instagram notices that a young user is consuming the same type of content over and over again and finds out that such content is malicious, it “pushes” the user to turn to other content.

‘Turn off watch reels’ option

After implementing the notification feature that they should offer to youngsters who spend a lot of time on Instagram in the past months, Instagram has expanded the scope of this feature and introduced a reminder option for youngsters who consume a lot of Reels to take a break from watching reels.

Instagram has announced that it aims to raise awareness among young users who use a lot of reels, thanks to a new stop alert.

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