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Intercity buses become electric

Joining IAA Transportation, TEMSA launched its new model of electric vehicles, LD SB E. Speaking at the exhibition which was visited by more than 1,200 companies and thousands of exhibitors from 40 different countries,

Tolga Can Dogancioglu, a sector official, said: “While we support our sustainable growth, we also deliver on our promises and goals regarding sustainability by focusing on new opportunity points, especially electricity. Our range of electric vehicles, which we have reached with the LD SB E, is the most important An indication of TEMSA design on this road.Today, we are one of the rare companies in the world to have launched 5 different electric cars in different sectors.In addition, with our LD SB E, we are proud to have produced the first intercity electric bus on the continent as a European company “.

350 km range

The car can be offered to consumers in two different options such as 2 or 13 metres. The car seats 63 passengers, and shows the expected performance in all road conditions thanks to its 250 kW electric motor. 3 different options for battery capacity, 210, 280 and 350 kWh. The range of LD SB E can be up to 350 kilometers under favorable conditions.The vehicle can reach full charge capacity in about two hours.

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