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Queen’s garage! Hakan Celik wrote…


Queen's garage!  Hakan Celik wrote...

Among the fascinating aspects of the Queen’s life are her choice of cars, as well as her clothes, accessories and the places where she lives.

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Queen Elizabeth was choosing cars according to her environment and activities. During his days in Scotland and the countryside, he drove Range Rover or Land Rover models. He was usually behind the wheel himself or sitting in the front seat on the passenger side.

If he needed to attend international events and motoring ceremonies, he would choose a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce and sit in the back seat. However, it was known that he was also interested in various models of the Jaguar brand. It has also been seen in Daimler and Rover brand cars in past years. The Queen did not favor cars, especially in the days when she attended traditional ceremonies in London, she carried the traditions of several centuries to this day and traveled in a horse-drawn carriage. (Mail)

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