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ADVERTISEMENT – Cryptocurrencies started the new week by continuing the downtrend. It is trading at $18,800 with its latest 24-hour loss reducing to 5% in the evening hours. On the other hand, it is struggling to stay at $1,300 after declining in value by 8% and is currently the most falling cryptocurrency among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

In the last case of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, they are on the list in the morning and also participate in the price movement, which is partly positive from the market. As of now, HNT is up 3.5%, LUNC is up 3% and ALGO is up 2.5%.

(ETC) and (KSM) are currently continuing with the cryptocurrencies that have fallen further with their losses in double digits.


Today, you can closely follow the cryptocurrency calendar with our news summaries compiled from today’s notable developments in the crypto money industry.

Interpol issues a red notice to company founder Do Kwon

The Financial Times reports that the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office has begun the process of placing Do Kwon on the Interpol Red List and revoking his passport.

The decision came after Singapore police confirmed that Do Kwon is not in Singapore. Terra founder Do Kwon tweeted that he is not a fugitive and will be cooperating with the authorities. However, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office denied this statement and claimed he was a “fugitive,” saying they had enough evidence to support the allegations.

The Blockchain Association interacts with the Biden Administration’s digital asset executive decision reports

The Blockchain Association released the following statements in a statement:

“In accordance with the Biden administration’s executive order on digital assets, today’s reports and summaries reveal a missed opportunity to advance crypto leadership in the United States.

These reports are intended to be part of the government and broader stakeholders’ efforts to provide better regulation of the crypto-asset sector, and focus on risks, not opportunities. It also goes beyond important US recommendations on how to boost the burgeoning crypto industry, including business development and improvements.

Believing that cryptocurrencies will last forever, we will continue to work with the Administration and Congress to develop constructive policies that advance innovation and enable all Americans to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain networks. “

5 companies will develop a digital prototype for the euro for the European Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced the selection of five new partners to support the development of the digital euro prototype.

Each company will play a different role in developing the prototype. Among these companies is the technology giant Amazon (), which will be responsible for the development of e-commerce payments under the project.

Spain’s CaixaBank will develop peer-to-peer online payments for a mobile app, while French multinational payment service Worldline will be responsible for the offline version.

Point-of-sale payments will be developed by the European Payment Initiative backed by the European Central Bank and Italian payment technology company Nexi, respectively.

Australian senator to include Chinese digital yuan in new digital assets law

Liberal Australian Senator Andrew Bragg has introduced a bill regulating crypto assets so that the country can “keep up with the global pace” as it addresses digital asset rules. The bill also contains potential frameworks for the use of foreign CBDCs in the country.

The draft digital assets bill will be submitted for public comment by October 31, 2022. In addition, it was noteworthy that the Chinese digital currency, the digital yuan, was included in the bill on the grounds that it could be used as a model for developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the country.

Ankr partners with Polygon for Web3 adoption via Supernets

Partnering with (MATIC), a leading cryptographic infrastructure platform in the Web3 ecosystem, to promote the development of Supernets on the Ethereum layer-2 protocol.

This development means that Ankr will help build the best Web3 tools for developers at Polygon.

Polygon Supernets are private networks that can be secured by native MATIC tokens, providing users with an EVM-compliant, customizable, and customizable Blockchain platform for quick booting of validator pools.

Author: Gunay Caymaz

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